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Opening of GAMEDEV CENTER in Kazakhstan.

We are pleased to announce that, as experts, we became participants in a game development accelerator - GameDev Center - which was created by the Astana Hub international technopark.

On November 9, 2022, the first online meetup (in Russian) with our participation took place - GameDev: the values of games and the opportunities of the gaming industry.

Our colleagues also spoke as speakers:

- Lev Tarasov, founder and CEO of and

- Alexandra Knysheva, head of the laboratory for the development and research of video games GameLab of the Kazakh-British Technical University.

During the meetup, we discussed:

- Why is the GameDev industry growing so rapidly;

- How difficult is it to start your GameDev project;

- How to start your career in GameDev;

- What are the possibilities for the development of the industry in Kazakhstan now.

Video of the meeting can be found here (in Russian) :

For all questions (cooperation, support, etc.) you can contact:

- With us -

- Or with Astana Hub representative Zhansaya Kassymtayeva - @jansaya_k

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